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Final “Wake Me” letterpress print. — Printed at MCBA


Some fun sample settings showcasing all that Amorie complete family has to offer!

Amorie is a tall and skinny hand drawn font. It comes in various weight and styles, and with an array of opentype options. Built to appear completely hand crafted, different designers could produce completely different results, selecting either Modella (classic and chic), Nova (fun and fancy) or SC (Small Caps and all business.) Each style comes in light, medium and bold and has an accompanying italics version.


this cat’s prettier than i am

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You’re psyched to finally find roommates!
Until you find out they’re actually a couple… »
Now what?

"Es curioso, de pronto siento como si me hubiera entrado una basurita en el ánimo."

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Secaaa esta mujer ! Metal - by Rocío Aguirre


<3 (: